Nets & Repeater

NOTE: Effective July 22, 2021, the 6-meter nets will move to Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm


The Fulton County Amateur Radio Club operates a 2-meter repeater from the Fulton County Health Center on a frequency of 147.195 with PL tone of 103.5.  We maintain a backup repeater on the same frequency just north of the Fulton County Fairgrounds for emergency purposes and continuous coverage.

Thanks to K8LI for allowing open access to his repeater equipment, located just north of Delta.  This repeater operates on both 2 meter at 147.285 and 70 cm at 444.450 both using a PL tone of 103.5.  The K8LI repeater is also connected via IRLP (node 4479) and EchoLink (node 43515).  More information can be found at the K8LI website.

Thanks also to KB8GOM for getting his repeater online.  The location is the backup repeater site, northwest of Wauseon and it operates on a frequency of 442.075+ with a PL tone of 103.5.  

Informal Nets:

- Sunday at 8pm on 2nd and 4th Sunday is the Preparedness Net – 147.195+

- Sunday at 8:00pm on 3rd Sunday is the Emergency Services Net— 147.195+

- Weeknights at 10:30pm Bud's Midnight Madness Net -- 147.195+

- Wednesday on 147.195 at 8:00PM: Wednesday Night Net

- Thursday at 8pm 6M Net -- 1st Thursday 50.400 AM, 3rd Thursday 50.125 USB, all others 52.525 FM Simplex

DMR Nets:

1st Sunday of the Month at 8:00 pm on Brandmeister Talkgroup 3171544

Every Sunday at 7:30 PM Ohio Digital (DMR/DStar) Net TG 302050

Monday at 8:30 pm: Ohio DMR Net on Brandmeister TG-3139.

Buds' Midnight Madness Net:

Who is Bud and why a midnight madness net at 10:30 pm?  Very good questions indeed, this section intends to outline a little bit of the history of this Net.  The Midnight Madness Net was introduced into the Fulton County repeater in the mid-1990s by Bud Rohda, KA8ATI, and Dave Nelson, KA8KDS.  The idea was to have a fun net with a very loose format, providing local-area HAMs a forum for discussion of any number of topics.  The more often HAMs checked in, the higher their call sign was in the check-in roster.  The net originally started at 11:00 pm and would go well past midnight before closing down with Bud acting as net control almost all of the time.  After Bud Rohda passed away in 2005, the net was continued on his name with various net control operators, first by Dave Nelson, and currently by Steve  Breece, KC8ROU.  As times change and schedules change, it was determined that the net was better served to start at 10:30 pm.  The net now runs as a controlled net, with a regular round, followed by a 73 round.  You will always find us on 147.195 at 10:30 pm, Monday through Friday, so be sure to stop in and say hi.


Area Nets Within Range of Fulton County

Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Bowling Green 70cm 443.5125 Tue 8:30PM ARES
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Sandusky County 2m 145.250 Sun 6:00PM 186.3PL, ARES
Toledo 2m 147.270+ Sun 7:30PM 103.5PL, TMRA Q & A
Seneca County 2m 145.450- Sun 8:00PM W8ID PL 107.2
Henry County Club Net 2m 147.315+ Sun 8:30PM  
Toledo 2m 147.270+ Sun 8:30PM 103.5 PL, TMRA Swap Net
Bryan - KA8OFE 2m 146.820- Sun 8:30PM Williams County ARES, 107.2PL
Adrian 2m 145.370- Sun 8:00PM 85.4 PL
Monroe, MI 2m 146.720 Mon 8:00PM ARPSC
Lima 2m 146.670 Mon 8:30PM Club Net
Wauseon - K8BXQ 2m 147.195 Mon-Fri 10:30PM Buds Midnight Madness, 103.5PL
Henry County ARES 2m 145.410- Tue 7:00PM  
Chelsea - WD8IEL 2m 145.450- Tue 8:30PM PL 100
BG - K8TIH 2m 147.180+ Tue 9:00PM 67.0 PL, Linked to 444.475+
Monroe, MI 2m 146.720 Tue 8:30PM DX Information Net
Wauseon - K8BXQ 2m 147.195+ Wed 8:00PM Club Social Net
Mansfield - K8RT 2m 146.940- Wed 8:00PM PL 71.9
Findlay 2m 147.150 Wed 8:00PM PL 88.5 HEARS Net
Defiance Co Skywarn 2m 147.090 Thur 7:30PM Defiance Co Skyware Net
Defiance County 2m 147.090 Thur 8:00PM
F.R.A.T. 2m 146.835 Thur 8:30PM  
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Lima 6m 50.125 Mon 7:30pm USB - Informal
Toledo 6m 53.110- Mon 9:00PM 1MHz down, 103.5PL
Delta (FCARC) 6m 52.525 Thur 8:00PM FM Simplex Net, 2nd and 4th Thursday
Delta (FCARC) 6m 50.400 Thur 8:00PM AM Net, 1st Thursday
Delta (FCARC) 6m 50.125 Thur 8:00PM USB Net, 3rd Thursday
Toledo 6m 50.260 Thur 9:00PM USB
Northwest Ohio 6m 50.170 Sat 8:00PM USB
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Defiance County 10m 28.390 Sun 7:00PM USB
Bowling Green 10m 28.335 Sun 8:30PM  
Lima 10m 28.430 Mon 8:00PM USB
Adrian 10m 28.495 Mon 9:00PM  
Adrian 10m 28.325 Tue,Thu 9:00PM  
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Defiance County Net 80m 3.840.0 Sunday 7:00PM LSB
Great Lakes Traffic 80m 3.932.0 Every Day 8:00PM pre Net at 8:00pm, normal net @ 8:30pm
Ohio Single Sideband Net 80m 3.972.5 Every Day 10:30am, 4:15pm, 6;45pm


Date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (GMT+00:00)
Location: FREQUENCIES 3.875 LSB AND 7.240 LSB
Notes: W8SGT is facilitating the Ohio HF Net every Tuesday at 1800 (6 PM) on the Ohio ARES Admin frequency 3875 KHz LSB and the alternate 7240 KHz at about 1820 (6:20 PM). The Ohio HF Net is run from the State of Ohio Emergency Operations Center in Columbus. ALL are welcome to check-in. This is a great opportunity to get your county EOC HF station on the air and make contact with the state EOC

Ohio EMA Digital Net

The net will be held on Tuesdays 8:00 pm after the Ohio EMA Voice net.

Our modes: OLIVIA 8/500/PSK31 alt, with MT63 1K for bulletins. Freq 3585Khz, 7072khz alt. 

WX Conditions


Regional Clubs & Repeaters

Check here to find links to Regional Clubs & Repeaters in the Northwest Ohio / Southeast Michigan area

County Information

More information about Fulton County, the communities, and common frequencies used.