Welcome to the Fulton County Amateur Radio Club 6 Meter Group.  Our goal is to promote interest in the use of the 6 meter band, report on 6 meter openings, and discuss the best ways to make use of this frequency.

The 6-meter band is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum allocated to amateur radio use. Although located in the lower portion of the VHF band, it nonetheless occasionally displays propagation mechanisms characteristic of the HF bands. This normally occurs close to sunspot maximum, when solar activity increases ionization levels in the upper atmosphere. During the last sunspot peak of 2005, worldwide 6 meter propagation occurred making 6 meter communications as good as or in some instances and locations, better than HF frequencies. The prevalence of HF characteristics on this VHF band has inspired amateur operators to dub it the "magic band".

VHF and Six Meter Propagation Reports


These nets are usually run by KB8ELG out of Delta, OH.

Different modes and frequencies are used depending on which week of the month.

The schedule below gives that schedule.

of month
Schedule Freq
1st AM Net 50.400
2nd FM Net 52.525
3rd USB Net
Dust off the sideband equipment and join us
4th FM Net 52.525
5th Military gear net Encode 151.4
not necessary to use military gear
check in on this special edition net


  • Thursday 9:00pm Upper Side Band (USB) net on 50.255.    This net is run out of Toledo.

Six Meter Band Plan Reference

Start End Usage/Description
50.000 50.100 CW/Beacons
50.100 50.125 DX Window
50.125   SSB National Calling Frequency
50.270   FSK Meteorscatter
50.290   PSK31 (SSB)
50.300   FM Calling Frequency West Coast
50.400   AM Calling Frequency
50.300 50.600 All Modes
50.600 50.800 Non Voice Communications
50.680   SSTV
50.800 51.000 Remote Control
51.000 51.100 Pacific DX Window
51.120 51.180 Digital Modes
51.120   PSK31 (FM)
51.200 51.480 FM Repeater Inputs
51.500 51.600 FM Simplex
51.620 51.680 Digital Modes
51.700 51.980 FM Repeater Outputs
52.020 52.040 FM Simplex
52.060 52.480 FM Repeater Inputs
52.525   FM National Simplex Calling Frequency
52.540   FM Simplex
52.560 52.980 FM Repeater Outputs
53.000 53.020 FM Simplex
53.040 53.480 FM Repeater Inputs
53.520   FM Simplex
53.540 53.980 FM Repeater Outputs
53.900   FM Simplex


WX Conditions


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County Information

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