TOPIC: Repeater Use During Emergencies (KE8OKA Net Control) 

VOIP Hurricane net conferences/talkgroups

please not these can change depending on availability of the node owners and there will be a updated set posted on the VPIP net website for each activation I'll put the link here 

APRS, Winlink, AllStar, Hamshack Hotline resources that can be monitored are as follows:



Allstar 28848

Hamshack Hotline 94032

The VK3JED Megalink system will be connected to the VoIP Hurricane Net throughout the VoIP Hurricane Net offering the following modes of connectivity for stations in the affected area of Ida or stations with relays in the affected area of Ida:

DMR BM 50535

YSF. 50535. AU_VK_Multi_Link

P25 50535

M17 M17-432 D


IRLP 9550

AllStar 27154

Through the efforts of N4YKS-Joe, we have TGIF DMR 3198 linked to the VoIP Hurricane Net as well.

Stations outside the affected area that do not have relays into the affected area who would like to listen into the VoIP Hurricane Net can use any of the following systems for listen-only purposes and can connect on either Echolink or IRLP:

*NEW-ENG3* Echolink conference node: 9123/IRLP 9123

*KC4QLP-C* Echolink conference node: 290251

*ARERT* Echolink conference node: 902723

The KC5FM All-Star Node will be connected to the VoIP Hurricane Net and can be connected to via Echolink by doing *328848.


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Regional Clubs & Repeaters

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County Information

More information about Fulton County, the communities, and common frequencies used.