EDIT 9/3: We were able to reserve the Marzolf Shelter House.  We will be in our usual location this year.

Hi folks, 

We are just a little under two weeks out from the event.  I took a recon trip out to HLK on Sunday to review a couple of the picnic areas the park offers, since both the Marzolf and North Shelter houses are booked for that Saturday.  I would welcome any suggestions based on my observations below.  I have a map to reference the sites I am referring to available  here:  https://k8bxq.org/sites/k8bxq.org/files/2021-08/hlk.jpg

1. The picnic area on the south side of the lake between Marzolf and the boat launch has adequate parking, a lot of picnic tables, and grills as well. There are plenty of trees to string antennas also. We would probably want a couple of 10x10 easy-ups to shelter from the sun and possibly any rain. The downside is that there is no restroom/outhouse within convenient walking distance.

2. The boat launch area is what I would consider being the best bet. It has a 10x20 fixed pavilion with a large grill close by.  It has plenty of trees, parking, and a conveniently located restroom. I am pretty sure this is first-come, first-serve, but I'll try to call out to the park office this week to verify.  There are also plenty of tables and grills away from the pavilion along the waterfront. 

3. There is a matching 10x20 fixed pavilion on the north side by the disc-golf area which I think is also a boat launch for kayak rentals. The cons on this site are that there is no grill near the pavilion, and the nearest restroom is the outhouses by the North Shelter house (see NS on the map).

4. The main parking lot area for the beach is also a good bet.  Plenty of picnic tables and grills, as well as many trees.  We would certainly get plenty of foot traffic from the public as well. There is a very large pavilion (also booked) so we would probably want easy-ups to provide shade. 

In all cases, we need a generator to run a couple of radios.  Hopefully, one that is super quiet.  Our main club generator, while efficient and powerful, is also too loud for this application.  I believe KB8ELG is reviewing options for a quiet running unit, but in the event cannot get one in time, does anyone have access to a smaller, quiet running unit?

I know a few club members have offered to bring out their 10x10's for shelter, so I think we are good there.  And regarding the cookout, I'll have a better notion of what we might need by this weekend.

Thanks, everyone, let me know your thoughts on this.

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