Hi folks,

First and foremost, the Club Field Day web page can be found here: 


Field Day 2020 is 12 days out and it's time to start thinking about club participation.  We will be setting up at the Roth Family Woodlot in Tedrow / Wauseon again this year, and since we usually only run the 24 hour period, we can begin setup after 8:00pm on Thursday, June 25, although most of us will probably string antennas on June 26 after 5:00pm.  Remember the event starts on Saturday, June 27 at 2:00pm. 

If you are bringing your rig and are planning on running the full 24 hour contest, let us know what bands and modes you are capable of running (remember your license class restrictions, you can only run where you are licensed for).  If you have a laptop for running the logging software please bring it along with your rig and antenna system.  Make sure to bring plenty of power extension cords to tie into the generator, as well as plenty of antenna feed line so we are not setting up on top of each other. 

On the note of laptops, we run a networked logging software which aids immensely in filing the report with the ARRL, as well as keeping track of who is running on the allowed bands and modes.  This software will work with Mac, Windows, and Linux.  I can assist loading it the day of the event and give you a quick tutorial on usage. 

Please keep in mind we run 100 watts or less to stay in our category.  If you are not planning on running the full length of contest, please note that in your reply.  Consider sharing antenna/rig space with another participant that might also want to only run part of the time. 

Remember that we are restricted to only three simultaneous modes on each band: CW, Digital, and Phone.  All bands are open except 12, 17, 30, and 60.

A word on the PotLuck and distancing guidlines in general: The FCARC recognizes that we are in the midst of a pandemic and wants to make this a safe and fun event. While most of us will be setup outdoors, please mind your spacing. User hand santizer frequently, and please wear PPE/masks when working in close proximity. We are foregoing the potluck dinner and will probably place one large pizza delivery order. Taking a queue from the TMRA, I am borrowing their guidlines which are well though out for the current conditions:

  • The FCARC intends to abide by and uphold the Ohio Department of Health rules regarding  Covid-19, camping, and campgrounds. 
  • Social distancing will be practiced, and facemasks will be required, especially if working closer is temporarily required.
  • Everyone working with set-up and tear-down will be asked to wear gloves.
  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged.
  • Anyone refusing to abide by the guidelines will be asked to leave the site.
  • Any and all participants should bring their own food, snacks and drinks. There will be no provided food or beverages.
  • All operating surfaces will be sanitized between operators. 
  • Radios themselves should not be sanitized or cleaned except by the radio owner. No bug or mosquito spray should be used on or near the radios either.
  • By following these simple “common sense” practices, much of the exposure can be limited for everyone’s benefit.

If this is your first time running Field Day, or if you have been doing this for years, please take the time to read through the contest rules here: 



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