The 2020 ARRL Field Day has concluded and the antennas are packed away for another year, reports have been filed, and regrets of eating too much pizza have been reconciled. 

This year was certainly one for the history books as it took place during the global pandemic, requiring us to alter some of our usual activities.

Stats on various modes can be found on our Field Day site: 

The end result is that we ran a 5A category, although in hindsight 4A would have been more appropriate.  We logged 369 QSOs across the three available modes and on 5 of the 12 available bands.  We had 20 CW contacts, 120 Digital contacts, and 229 voice contacts. The top three operators were KD8KBU with 120 QSOs, KB8ELG with 108 QSOs, and AB8RC with 105 QSOs. We worked 41 states and 6 Canadian Provinces and Territories. The longest QSO was by KB8ELG to Slovakia. One more interesting point is that on average 20% of the QSOs we complete are to home operators, while this year it was around 74%.

Special thanks to WD8KRS who went out of his way to make sure the operators had everything they needed and took the time to run and get us all pizza.

To KE8ITJ, sorry we couldn't get you operating efficiently on your antenna setup.  I would encourage you to come out to the OSPOTA event in September where we can have you run in that contest to get you introduced to contesting and logging.  It really gets to be a lot of fun, and the OSPOTA event is much more of a low key contest than Field Day tends to be.

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