Hi folks,

OSPOTA 2022 is next Saturday, September 10, and I wanted to supply a few details for those planning to attend.  The radio contest portion starts at 10:00 am and runs until 6:00 pm.  Details about the rules, modes of operation, and bands used can be found here: https://ospota.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/OSPOTA-Rules-1Jan2022.pdf…; The main https://ospota.org/ site has a bunch of other information, including park maps.

We will be at the Marzolf Shelter House on the South West side of the park, It is best to come in from County Road M.  

As usual, we will have a cookout, with plans to heat the grill up sometime between noon and 1:00 pm. 


I usually hit G.F.S. up on Friday for burgers, hot dogs, buns, cheese, and condiments, and need to know how much to get. If you would like to bring something to share, let's try and coordinate efforts.  I put a page up that I'll try to update promptly here: https://k8bxq.org/ospota22

Items to consider are charcoal, lighter fluid, grilling tools, foils, paper towels, napkins, plates, side salads, chips, bottled water, etc.  If you see something on that page that I did not account for, let me know!

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