About Us

The F.C.A.R.C. is a group of amateur radio operators located in Northwest Ohio. Our goal is to create excitement about the hobby, serve the communities of Fulton County, and have a little fun while we are at it.

Amateur radio operators enjoy personal (and often worldwide) wireless communications with each other and are able to support their communities with emergency and disaster communications if necessary, while increasing their personal knowledge of electronics and radio theory. An estimated six million people throughout the world are regularly involved with amateur radio.

Often unsung, amateur radio operators regularly assist in emergency situations. Hurricane Katrina was no exception. Operators of amateur, or ham, radio were instrumental in helping residents in the hardest hit areas, including saving stranded flood victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.


The Fulton County Amateur Radio Club was established in 1954. The FCARC is involved with many activities around the area. They have assisted in the 5K & 10K Heart Health Walk/Run. They assist the Archbold Police Department with traffic control for the Lights Before Christmas Parade in November. The FCARC also is involved in the U.S. Wide Emergency Communications Drill, also known as Field Day in June.

The Fulton County Amateur Radio Club offers testing sessions on the last Saturday of every month. Testing sessions are held at the George's Radio Service at 9:00am. Please contact KC8UOM, Tom Servoss at 419-388-6057 for more information

2019 Club Officers
President -- Bryan Patterson KB8ELG
Vice President -- Jim Meyers KD8ZKE
Treasurer -- Lu Ann Kuney KB8ELH
Secretary -- Craig Szczublewski KB8KBU

VE/Education Committee: Tom Servoss KC8UOM, Dave Nelson KA8KDS, Bob Rosebrock WB8ZOI, Craig Szczublewski KD8KBU, Leonard S Burkholder AB8XH, Edgar Zysset N8HB

Repeater Committee: Lindsay Infante K8LI, George Walworth N8EUY, Bryan Patterson KB8ELG, Andy Slawinski KD8OEY

Field Day Committee: Bryan Patterson KB8ELG, George Walworth, N8EUY, Lindsay Infante, K8LI, Angela Infante KB2AVN, Craig Szczublewski KD8KBU

Memorial Committee: Ed Roth WD8KRS, George Walworth N8EUY, Cindy Windisch KB8TYN

Hamfest Committee: Lindsay Infante K8LI, Angela Infante KB2AVN, Cindy Windisch KB8TYN, Ed Roth WD8KRS

Fulton County Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 521
Wauseon, OH 43567